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5 Ways To Gain More Clients

Your lashing is on a roll, but your clientele may be rocky. You can have all the skill in the world, but without being able to attract the right clientele, those tweezers aren't going to pay your bills.

It's important to always stop and evaluate yourself in your business time to time. You need to see what is working, and what isn't. If you don't stop to look, you may miss some things that are happening right under your nose. One of those things could be inconsistent clientele.

If you're struggling having OG clients or attracting clients at all, here are 5 tips you should implement in your business to help:

1. First Impression

You only have 1 chance to make a good impression. I mean that in all ways. There are thousands of lash artists out there. What makes YOU special? Hone in on that. You need to make your client experience from beginning to end, special. From finding you on your website, social media or meeting you in person. Your presence should be, confident, kind, and inviting.

Let's start with your website. It should be easy to find, unique, and easy to navigate.

You should have a bio on yourself, your qualifications, and your skill.

Same thing with your social media. It needs to be a cocktail of everything YOU.

But professional.

Customer experience is extremely important. Ok, so they loved your website and made an appointment. Did you do everything in your power to make them: comfortable, heard, and educated?


Is your lash room inviting?

Is there space for their belongings?

Is it clean?

Have you presented your tools in a cleanly manner?

Are you polite?

Is the bed, environment, and service comfortable?


Did you provide a thorough consult?

Did you give them what they were asking for? (within reason)


Have you prepared your client before and after well?

Have you displayed your certificates?

Have you explained the process beginning to end?

2. Review

Ask your clients who do know you to leave a review. People feel more comfortable when they know there was someone ahead of them that have already experienced your service. Positive reviews will get more people coming in your door. You can do an email campaign asking clients to fill out a review on: Google, Yelp, Facebook, or leave a comment on your website.

3. Follow Up

After your new client you should be following up with them 24-48 hours after their service. It's important to show that you care about their satisfaction. You can do this with a simple email touching base or you can send out an anonymous form for them to fill out where they can list the positives and the negatives about the service and experience. From there you can see where you fell short and where you can continue to succeed in.

To make up for your short comings you can follow up with another email offering to make it right by providing a free service or a discount to come back and give your business another chance.

Remember, you are human. You will make mistakes. But it's how you grow, evolve, and improve that makes the difference.

4. Market

Some lash artists out there aren't even that talented. Ya I said it... but their marketing is ON POINT.

How you display yourself is one of the most important parts of your business. If you don't have consistency, draw, or attraction in your marketing, you're going to lose a lot of sight on your business.

-Have a consistent brand. Same message, theme, and colours.

-Display your work with professional photos. Use the right lighting and have high quality pictures.

-Provide something that the market doesn't have or that isn't saturated by. Be different, be yourself. Try not to market yourself as, ex: lashes by ashley or eyelash extensions by sam

5. Incentive

People love incentives, but this isn't a flee market. Provide consistent incentives like refer a friend programs, review discounts, or monthly deals. Just don't discount your prices all the time because then no one will take your business seriously. Again remember, be consistent.

Try incentives that have your clients returning back to you.

Follow @thatlashgirl on instagram for more tips and inspo!

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