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Grow your following with Hashtags

If you have any social media platform, then by now you should know what a hashtag is. But for the sake of my newbies out there let me break down the concept for you.

A hashtag is a "tag" you can add to your photos or posts to attach your content to a sub category for others to search. You can create any hashtag you want by adding the # symbol in front. Ex: #lashartist

The reason why we've adopted this technic is for your content to be noticed by a certain audience and to make your post more accessible to a certain crowd. This makes it easier to search for specific things. For example if you want to see lash artists in Toronto you would likely search the hashtag #torontolashartist.

Now that you understand what and how to use hashtags, we need to go a little deeper.

Just because you used a hashtag doesn't mean the whole world is now going to see your post. You need to use them strategically, and I'm going to show you how to do that with a few secrets of mine.

  1. How to play Instagram's algorithm game

First let's talk about Instagram's algorithm. Instagram ain't no dumby, they use a highly intelligent algorithm that determines what is broadcasted where and when on the app.

The algorithm will determine based off your content if you are relevant or not. Rude I know.

Hashtagging allows the app to sub categorize your content, and allows users to find your post based off the hashtag, but you can't just go hashtag crazy. If you use hashtags that aren't related to your post in anyway Instagram will label your content as spam, and how they penalize you is by not showing your content to others.

Part of how the algorithm works is that it scans your photo and comes up with an "description" of what it is. Creepy I know. So if you post a picture of your dog but post #kyliejenner, Instagram is not going to like that. So stay relevant.

2. How to choose the best hashtags for you

So now you know you can't out smart Instagram and you need to play it's sick game. But if you know the rules then you can benefit from it! Using the right hashtags are what's going to get your content noticed.

Start by analyzing your photo. What is it of? That's where you should start with your hashtags.

If you're a business you want to be location specific. Let's use That Lash Girl as an example.

If you want to be noticed by your community, and want clients to find you then you need to use your location in front of your specific hashtags.

3. Hashtag popularity

In the past it was common to use hashtags like #love #selfie #kyliejenner, which now have millions of posts. You don't want this. When you click on these hashtags it's impossible to get noticed on them because they are being flooded with other peoples content, and your photo will not stay at the top of that feed for long. This is why you need to choose a select few of hashtags. You're allowed to use 30 hashtags on a photo for instagram so divide yours wisely.

Try choosing hashtags that have:

20k-50k posts



Try to stay away from posts 500k and up. You won't get noticed.

How to see how many posts there are for a hashtag is simple. In the search bar type in a hashtag and the number will show below.

4. Check your insights

If you have a business page on Instagram, then you have access to your insights. One of the most valuable features of insights is the ability to see how your content is viewed. You are able to see the impressions of a post and where your viewers are coming from. Make sure when you are playing around with hashtags to visit your insights to review how well those hashtags did.

If you find your are getting a lot of impressions from your hashtags then consider using those on most of your posts where applicable.

5. Want my last and most important secret? Sign up for my new Online Biz Coaching! COMING SOON

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