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My Foolproof Retention Hack

That Mini Lash Course – Retention Hack

You’ve decided to up your lash game, YOU GO GLEN COCO!

Thank you for choosing That Lash Girl to be apart of your journey.

In this mini course you are going to learn everything there is to know about:


How they work

How to trouble shoot +

How to maximize your retention

Being an expert on this topic is crucial to your lash business. It is imperative you are ONE with your adhesive to become a successful lash artist.

Feel free to reach out at any point if you have any further questions!

Lets get started shall we?


pt. 2 Check out my favourite video for how to get the perfect amount of glue on your extension by Untamed Artistry

pt.3 Ok let's start the application process!

Thank you for following along, I hoped you learned something new! I can't wait to see all your lash retention pics in the future days to come :)

Also a special thank you to Cheryl at Untamed Artistry for always providing the best educational resources!

Make sure you're following @thatlashgirl on instagram and subscribe to my YouTube Channel ThatLashGirl for more tips and tricks.


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