Engage Your Audience With These 4 Instagram Caption Hacks

You have 3 seconds to draw in your viewers attention. Yup 3 seconds.

Instagram Captions are the most OVERLOOKED aspect when creating engaging content.

In this blog I'm going to teach you how to GRAB your viewers attention with Instagram Captions and make it work for your social platforms and your business.

Instagram is all about VALUE. What is value? Value is what you give to your audience and what they give in return.

Here are some examples of creating content with value:

-teaching them something new

-a hack

-a sale

-a giveaway

-giving viewers EXACTLY what they want

Once they feel like they received value, your viewers will give YOU value in return:





-sign ups etc.

So now you know what your viewers want, let's present it in a way that will HOOK EM in.

Scroll, scroll, scroll, STOP. What's this? Meh... Scroll scroll scroll. Ohhh I like this. Scroll. Scroll.

Sound familiar? Our attention span is short, because we are constantly bombarded with people's content, good and bad. We've become like robots knowing what is GOOD value and what is BAD value.

Well now you know the good, let's stop that scroll.

Here are 4 things you need to change about your Instagram Captions to get your audience's attention:

1. Leave them wanting more

You only have a few words to hook your viewers in before Instagram adds the "more" button. So you need to write something that will catch the viewers eye and leave your readers wanting more (enough to click that button)! Here is an example:

"This 1 hashtag hack got me 150 new followers"

"Engage Your Audience with These 4 Instagram Caption Hacks"

2. Relatable or Teachable

Your viewers are around for 2 reasons, either they can relate to you, or they want something else from you. If you don't provide a value to them, they will keep scrolling. Relatable content is an easy one. Talk about yourself, be open. Social media is all about being social, and when others feel like they can connect to you they will feel prompted to engage with your post. Engagement = value returned to you. The more engagement, the more traffic will follow to your page. Teachable content is also simple. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to teach your audience. It can be as simple as writing this blog, or what ever you have vast knowledge in! Do your research first, make sure what you're throwing out there is what your audience wants. No one wants to learn, "3 best ways to set up your fax machine"... be relevant.

3. Line breaks, spaces, and word length

Make your text easy to read. No one wants to see a huge ass paragraph about your dog's new favourite chew toy. It's not appealing to the eye and it seems daunting to read. Add line breaks or "spaces" between your points. Word length is also important. Your hooking line can be short and sweet, but when your viewers click that "more" button... there better be more to read. The longer they are on your post, the better. Instagram will reward you for having captivating content by showing your post to more people.

4. Call to action

This one is important. Now that you had your followers read to the very end (yay!) we need some value back in return. This can be as simple as directing them to a "link in your bio" to drive traffic to your website or asking them to comment their feedback on your post. Today's new Instagram algorithm loves when a post is shared or saved. So simply ask your readers "to please save or share!"

*Bonus Tip: Use the right hashtags!

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