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Online Biz Coaching

is finally here!

It's normal to feel a little lost sometimes in your lash business... and that's why I'm here to help

Online biz coaching is the little nudge your need when you feel like you're not gaining traction in your lash business. Do you ever just need a little guidance on how to market, or why are your client's lashes not lasting? - but you're not trying to commit to a new online program, or lash course? I got you.

Online Biz coaching with That Lash Girl can be your quick stop shop to answering those questions you've been dying to ask without the commitment of investing in a course. 

You will have the ability to sign up for a 30 minute or 1 hour online coaching meeting with the owner of That Lash Girl, Sydney via Zoom/ Facetime and hash out what ever it is you need to improve on.

Why choose That Lash Girl?

Within 1 year That Lash Girl went from a part time lash artist, to full time busy and booming. With experience as a lash artist for 6 years and and esthetician for 9, it doesn't stop there. That Lash Girl also has successful marketing and communication strategies up her sleeve and is now sharing the deets to her secret sauce of owning and running a lash empire. 

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