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A girl crying over lashes

Don't know which lash set to pick? 

take the quiz below!


I've never had lashes before

I have sparse natural lashes

This ain't my first rodeo

I like a

natural look

I want a denser lash line

I like natural

I like drama

I have lots of natural lashes

Classics are boring



Classic eyelash extensions

Classics are 1 lash extension for every natural lash, also known as 1:1. It's a natural look great for everyday or just to enhance your own natural beauty.



hybrid eyelash extensions
volume eyelash extensions

Hybrids are a mixture of classic lashes and volume lashes. It's a step up in fullness from classic. So if you have sparse lashes or want a bit more fullness than classic, hybrids are for you.

Volumes are a hand crafted fan for every one of your natural lashes. It is a denser look than hybrid. But don't get it twisted, volume doesn't have to be all drama. You can still make this set look super natural by shortening the length if you just want a darker lash line. 

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